Allen-Bradley OPC Connectivity

The OPC Server for Allen-Bradley PLCs provides superior connectivity to all Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Ethernet/IP and ControlLogix devices and routing; including the Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+), Allen-Bradley DF1 (DF1), Allen-Bradley Data Highway 485 (DH485) and Ethernet/IP, says the vendor.

The server connects to devices via serial connections, single port Allen-Bradley 1784- PKTX PCI cards and Ethernet connections, representing true “universal connectivity” for connecting PLCs. The Server includes time-saving features not found in other drivers, says the vendor, including automatic discovery of devices over serial and PKTX cards; automatic configuration of devices; competitive system expansion; loading of device configuration files like .l5k, .pc5, and .slc; serial automation configuration of connection types; automatic tag generation for each device; and device-level redundancy support through fail-over channels.
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