Rugged, Industrial Radio

Field applications exposed to severe conditions can benefit from the latest addition to vendor’s RadioLinx wireless product family: the 802.11abg Industrial Hotspot with IP65-rated water resistant, dust-proof enclosure (RLX-IH65W).

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This radio functions as an access point, repeater or client. Its water resistant enclosure permits it to be directly installed in areas that are exposed to harsh industrial or environmental conditions, including wash down areas, offshore oil rigs and outdoor towers. The RLX-IH65W offers Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows the radio to be installed next to the antenna, reducing antenna cable loss and maximizing range. For applications needing a secure connection, the RadioLinx 802.11abg Industrial Hotspot offers cryptographic strength security with WPA2 (802.11i-128/192/256 bit) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and CCM integrity check.
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