High-performance Stepper Motors

Three series of MAE brand hybrid stepper motors in various standard NEMA frame sizes are engineered to deliver accurate open loop control for a wide range of high-performance positioning applications.

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HY Series hybrid steppers (Sizes 16, 17, 23 and 42) feature low rotor inertia for maximum possible acceleration; HN Series motors (Size 34) offer a calculated balance between low rotor inertia and high torque; and HS Series motors (Sizes 17, 23 and 34) exhibit superior torque characteristics. Holding torques (bipolar) ranging from 12oz-in (8.7Ncm) to 2018oz-in (1425Ncm) can be achieved, depending on model. All MAE brand motors deliver step resolutions of 1.8º (200 steps per rev) in full-step mode.
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