Simplify PLC-to-PAC Communication

The cATM module is designed to help users of Allen-Bradley SLC 500, PLC-5, MicroLogix and CompactLogix controllers connect to ControlLogix PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) without the need for time-consuming and expensive programming.

Aw 4197 Catm Module

The cATM module snaps into a ControlLogix PAC rack and provides bidirectional communications with installed PLCs through Ethernet, ControlNet, Data Highway Plus or DH485 bridges. The module features an onboard browser-driven configuration tool to eliminate the need for writing message instructions, and doesn’t require added software or drivers. This module is part of the vendor’s ATM (Appliance Transaction Module) platform, which features information exchange appliances that are designed to simplify bidirectional communications between dissimilar factory floor or business system devices.  
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