DeviceNet Scanner Eliminates PCs

Traditionally, when running a PC control application, one PC, installed with one network interface card, was required for each DeviceNet network.

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With the BradCommunications SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner (part number: SST-EDN-1), a PC for each network is no longer required. The SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner controls I/O devices connected to a DeviceNet network without the need of a local PC. DIN rail-mountable, up to 16 SST Remote DeviceNet Scanners can be connected to one Ethernet switch, which is then connected back to a PC residing on an Ethernet network. The PC allows users to remotely access diagnostic information on the SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner and the DeviceNet network. Benefits of this approach include faster DeviceNet I/O updates, elimination of need for additional PCs, and slots freed up on existing PCs.
Woodhead Industries, Div. of Molex Inc.
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