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Honeywell-to-I/A Series Modules

The vendor has upgraded its family of “plug-in” DCS migration modules with a new generation of Honeywell migration products.

These new modules are designed to enable Honeywell users to upgrade their aging TDC 2000 systems to the latest I/A Series automation technology and modern Hart field communications without having to replace existing field wiring, termination assemblies, system enclosures, or power supplies. The new I/A Series migration modules are an exact physical replacement for the existing TDC 2000 input/output (I/O) modules and plug right into the existing system enclosures with no I/O mapping issues, says the vendor. This migration approach is more cost-effective than a complete system replacement and—with careful upfront planning—reduces associated process downtime from weeks or even months, to a day or less, according to the vendor. 

Foxboro Automation, Invensys Process Systems


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