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SIL-3 Safety System

The High Integrity Level Protection System is designed as a low-cost, stand-alone, non-programmable logic solver.

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When designed, installed, operated, tested and maintained in accordance with IEC 61511 standards, the Diamond-SIS provides >99.9% availability, says the vendor. It has been certified by Factory Mutual (FM) as fit for use in high integrity protection system applications up to and including Safety Integrity Level three (SIL 3). Using the vendor’s Diamond-SIS and 340 Trip-Amp modules as its foundation, the High Integrity Level Protection system employs 2oo3 (two out of three) voting to provide users with a fault tolerant logic solver that is physically separate and independent from other systems, including basic process control and tank gauging systems. The Diamond-SIS can be implemented to interface with legacy single-loop controls and hardwired annunciator panels, thereby supporting remote control and data acquisition without introducing new and unfamiliar hardware into older process unit settings.

SIS-Tech Solutions LP


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