Plug-in for Multilingual Softstarters

PSR model softstarters communicate with factory-wide networks and other equipment.

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The key to the communication in this compact 3- to 45-Amp OEM softstarter range is the vendor’s FieldBusPlug communication system. The system is designed to offer a high level of flexibility of communication with all popular fieldbus protocols. “Unlike competitors’ units, which are protocol-specific, these PSR softstarters are ‘communication protocol-neutral,’ ” says Lorenz Eggenschwiler, who handles product marketing for the series. “This means these units can be ordered with a neutral fieldbus adapter, so that they are ready to communicate with DeviceNet, Profibus DP or Modbus RTU. Then, to avoid the excess cost of built-in, universal-translator hardware, an accessory FieldBusPlug simply is plugged in—and the PSR instantly can communicate with these protocols.” The PSR range includes three physical sizes, with widths from 1.77-2.13 inches (45mm to 54mm), covers rated currents from 3 to 45 Amps, up to 600VAC, and is available for control voltages of 24VDC or 100-240VAC.

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