Signal Switching/Conditioning System

The 857 Series, aka JumpFlex, is a new family of 6mm-wide, DIN rail mount, signal conditioning and relay modules designed to offer a system approach to signal switching and conditioning.

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The 857 Series signal conditioning and relay modules offer the same dimensional outline. A common profile allows the sharing of accessories, such as jumpers. The module’s push-in jumper system, available in red, white and blue color designations and 2- to 10-pole configuration, facilitates both time and cost savings. The 857 Series signal conditioners consist of 12 different modules. Both configurable and dedicated modules are available.  Signal types supported include current, voltage, Hart protocol, RTDs and thermocouples.  Configurations include splitter, single and multi-channel, repeater and loop-powered modules. Configurable modules are programmed via dipswitch and/or FDT/DTM software. The 857 Series relay modules includes a growing line of pluggable relay types. Up to seven different modules offer a wide variety of AC/DC coil voltages and are capable of switching loads up to 250V and 5A.


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