Bar Code Label Tips

(Sidebar to "Limit Your Liability" from the September 2007 issue of Automation World)

Bryan Vidlar, senior technology consultant at Standard Register, a document services providernbased in Dayton, Ohio, suggests this list of questions to check when designing and applying bar code labels:

* How long the label will stay on?

* What will the label be exposed to?
* Should the substrate be paper or synthetic?
* Should the adhesive be permanent or temporary?
* Will it be exposed to a cold environment?
* How much data will be encoded?
* Must the label be removable without residue?

Jack Walsh, director of sales for brand protection strategies at VideoJet Technologies Inc., a coding, printing and laser marking products supplier based in Wood Dale, Ill., adds:

* Check the packaging to assure there is room for the label
* Work with the converter to determine if can a second label be added.

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