The Connect and Pack Message

(Sidebar to "An OMAC Update" from the September 2007 issue of Automation World)

OMAC Packaging Workgroup Chairman Rick Van Dyke and Bill Henderson, leader of the OPW PackAdvantage Team, both emphasize the importance of getting across the Connect and Pack message as OPW moves forward. “It’s a way of focusing more on the message than on the technical side of things,” says Van Dyke. “We want to bring along more people who are not directly involved with our work.”

Toward that end, OPW has come up with the following statement to neatly capture and summarize the message behind the logo: “Connect and Pack guidelines make packaging operations more effective by simplifying customization and integration, which enables world class packaging operations. When the guidelines are implemented, packaging companies and their partners gain a competitive advantage as they leverage an integrated supply chain to optimize operations.”

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