Power-Over-Ethernet Power Supply

The 4P20 is an 11W power-over-Ethernet (POE) power supply for PC/104 and PC/104-Plus systems. The 4P20 allows a remote PC/104 system to get power and high speed communication from a single CAT5 cable up to 100 meters long.

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The 4P20 supplies 5V at up to 2A, +12V at up to 200mA and –12 at up to 100mA via the bus connectors to the PC/104 stack. The POE connection is done as a feed-through tap so the Ethernet connection can be routed to a local Ethernet end point. Auxiliary power inputs are provided to allow external 18 to 60VDC sources to power the 4P20 if POE is not available. Price of the 4P20 with PC/104 or PC/104-PCI connectors is $77 in 100-unit quantities.



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