Honeywell-to-DeltaV Migration

The updated DeltaV Connect solution for Honeywell Systems offers an advanced migration solution to transition Honeywell systems to the vendor’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

The vendor’s migration consultants deliver necessary services, expertise and training. The migration solution features open communications technologies that connect with existing systems while adding the latest operator interface, event and alarm management capabilities. The DeltaV Connect solution provides operators access to both Honeywell TPS/TDC 3000 system and DeltaV equipment from a common integrated DeltaV Operator Station. Process manufacturers can immediately replace their legacy Honeywell consoles, and have an easy transition path from their TDC 3000/TDC 2000 controllers and I/O to DeltaV equipment, in a phased approach that fits their timing. DeltaV Connect for Honeywell Systems v1.2 is compatible with DeltaV v7.4.1, DeltaV v8.3 and higher.

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