Advanced Function E-stop Switches

The XN4E series of emergency stop switches is billed as the first and only to enable maintenance technicians to install up to 20 personal padlocks, preventing unauthorized resetting of the latched E-stop switch and making service or maintenance safer to perform. XN switches also incorporate the vendor’s “Safe Break Action.”

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These switches ensure NC contacts open when the contact block is separated from the operator. NC contacts of conventional E-Stops remain closed if the contact block gets separated from the operator. Direct Opening Action ensures that even if the contacts are welded, the force applied on the button will directly open the contact. And a Safety Interlock Mechanism keeps contacts open when the operator is locked. XN E-Stops can also save space. The XN1E series has a depth of only 47.7mm for four contacts. The XN5E series extends just 21mm from the front of the panel.

IDEC Corp.


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