Soft Start/Stop Motor Controllers

RSH Series soft start/stop motor controllers are available in two sizes with basic rotary or advanced push button controls.

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Motor control capacity ranges from 1.5HP at 220VAC to 40HP at 600VAC. The soft start/stop enables the starting and stopping of 3-phase asynchronous motors with a simple three-wire connection to the motor. It also provides improved starting conditions over conventional star-delta starters by suppressing in-rush currents during motor starting. The RSHR MIDI Series is the only 45mm wide soft start/stop motor controller on the market that combines the built-in bypassing of semiconductors with low profile external heat sink for optimal performance, says the vendor, and leads the industry with up to 275 starts per hour. RSHR and RSHP Flexy POWER Series are 90mm wide soft start/stop motor controllers, which also combine built-in bypass with a small profile heat sink for up to 50 starts per hour.

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