Detect Small, Close Objects

The SA1E convergent reflective photoelectric sensor is designed to reliably detect small-profile objects at close proximity. Convergent sensors focus the emitter and receiver to an exact point in front of the sensor, providing accurate and stable detection in a limited area.

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Adjustable sensing ranges from 5mm to 35mm enable the SA1E to detect targets, regardless of color or reflectivity, while ignoring the background beyond a user-defined cut-off range. SA1E sensors are available in two connection styles: 2m cable or M8 connector, and with a choice of NPN output, PNP output, light ON, and dark ON options. Housing dimensions are 19.5mm x 10.8mm x 31.5mm. These sensors are also UL/c-UL listed, CE marked and IP67 rated.

IDEC Corp.


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