Jacketed Sensors Ward Off Liquids

Miniature World-Beam Q12 Series photoelectric sensors are now available with liquid-tight PFA jackets for use in wet and corrosive industrial environments.

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The sensor is capable of sensing up to 1.5 m in the opposed mode and 15, 30 and 50 mm fixed-field ranges. The sensor has been tested for 1200 psi wash downs. The PFA jacket is a $98 addition to the sensor’s list price. Chemical-resistant Q12 models are rated IP67 and are completely self-contained with housing dimensions of only 29 x 13 x 23 mm, suiting them well for tough sensing challenges in confined spaces. Several features of the chemical-resistant Q12 sensors make them particularly easy to install and use, says the vendor: they work out of the box with no field adjustments needed; a visible red light source provides easy target positioning; bright green and amber status LEDs are visible from 360°; and integral mounting holes simplify installation.

Banner Engineering Corp.



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