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Monitor Safety Instrumented Systems

SIS-Health Monitoring is a set of technology and services designed to help industrial professionals reduce unnecessary maintenance and engineering of safety instrumented systems (SIS) and minimize failures, which can lead to safety incidents and unexpected plant downtime.

SIS-Health Monitoring is a toolset that can be customized for specific plant requirements, conditions and process demands. The current release includes two modules. The SIS-Health Monitoring Local Reliability Database can be applied to any SIS and stores all inventory information regarding a site’s safety instrumentation. Based on the failure behavior of the site’s instrumentation, SIS-Health Monitoring can help determine reliability and safety performance characteristics such as trends, demand rates and time-dependent failure rates. The SIS-Health Monitoring Analysis Toolset enables operators to analyze, validate and optimize the SIF reliability and its Safety Integrity Level (SIL), which is a statistical representation of reliability. These modules can operate as standalone units or together as an integrated system. They can be universally applied to any type or brand of safety instrumentation.

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