Modbus Master Capability Added

The vendor’s industrial wireless 802.11 products now provide Device Server functionality with Modbus Master capability for both Modbus TCP and serial Modbus RTU.

This new capability provides significant benefits in SCADA-based applications that requires flexible I/O data transfer capability, says the vendor. Some of the key onboard features now enable the 240U-E to act as a Modbus TCP Client (Master) or Server (Slave); act as a Modbus RTU serial Master; and also communicate Modbus TCP Ethernet to RTU Gateway. The new Device Server features allow users to: connect to Modbus TCP and/or Modbus RTU Slave devices without the need for a standalone Master; convert messages between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU; and manage independent connections to both Modbus TCP (Ethernet) and Modbus RTU (serial) devices at the same 802.11 unit, simultaneously.

Elpro Technologies

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