Electromechanical Rod Actuator

The DNCE electromechanical rod actuator is a screw-driven linear actuator with a nonrotating round piston rod.

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For conversions from pneumatic to electromechanical automation, the DNCE is a drop-in replacement for the vendor’s DNC and other pneumatic cylinders based on ISO standard 6431. Providing high precision and flexibility, the DNCE can be supplied as either a stand-alone mechanical axis to be mounted to the vendor’s or a third-party motor, or as part of a complete solution integrated with an MTR-DCI intelligent motor and controller. The DNCE is offered with a lead screw or ball screw, with repeatability of  +/- 0.07 mm and +/- 0.02 mm respectively. Standard and custom stroke lengths are available up to 600mm.

Festo Corp.



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