Rugged, DeviceNet Wire Management

As the latest in the vendor’s line designed for versatile, low-cost I/O management for DeviceNet, the JRBS-57 line of junction boxes provides the convenience of DIN-rail mounting in a rugged IP 20 design.

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The JRBS-57 provides a common ground for all devices installed on the junction, and it includes a BUS-in/BUS-out feature that eliminates the need for a separate splitter device. All connections are made with removable screw terminals for easy access during wiring. These terminal plugs are secured to the main housing via screws, eliminating the possibility of accidental disconnection. All JRBS-57 products are constructed from die-cast aluminum to create a robust housing that provides a temperature rating of -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C). The products are available in 4-, 6- or 8-port configurations.

Turck Inc.


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