Collect Machine Production Data

The LETS Machine Interface (LMI) is an operator terminal that enables information to be collected from production machines and fed to the vendor’s Line Efficiency Tracking Software (LETS).

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“LMI allows us to offer the powerful features of our LETS system to customers with production machinery lacking data-collection capabilities,” says Mark Hatch, product line director. “With one or more LMIs installed and connected to LETS, these customers can feed production data to ERP or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software, schedule automatic generation of production and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports and view machine status in real time.” The LMI comes with a built-in RJ-45 connector to facilitate connection to the Ethernet. The unit has a 5.6-inch color touch screen to provide easy access to programming functions. Users can select the data to be collected, which includes parts count and preset, scrap count, machine idle time, and downtime reasons. Collected data can be identified by job number, tool number, and/or part number. Operator number can also be captured.

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