Cellular Remote Device Support

Remote support for Ethernet devices over a cellular connection is made possible by the RJ-11 IP Gateway. Combining the RJ-11 Gateway and the vendor’s Raven-E intelligent networking device with the 9300-Remote Access Dial-In Ethernet Modem (RADES) from  Rockwell Automation turns the trick; the cellular connection of the Raven-E and the routing capabilityof the RADES enable remote network access to several Ethernet devices.

The standard RJ-11 IP Gateway, together with the Raven-E, upgrades existing circuit switched telemetry applications to communicate with remote devices over cellular packet data networks. The Host RJ-11 IP Gateway provides the same capability for host applications. The standard RJ-11 IP Gateways are equipped with an RJ-11 port and an RJ-45 Ethernet port, replacing 3 watt analog cellular phones to wirelessly connect remote devices to IP-capable host applications. The standard IP Gateway provides dial-tone and modem functionality to the RADES, negotiating the standard modem data protocols. It then establishes a TCP connection through the Raven-E over the cellular network to the Rockwell RSLinx application. The Host RJ-11 IP Gateway enables RSLinx to operate over wireless packet networks.
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