RoHS-Compliant DC Motors/Drivers

The BLH speed control package is composed of a brushless DC motor and a 24VDC compact driver board. The RoHS-compliant BLH series encompasses four models at 15, 30, 50 and 100 watts output.

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The BLH possesses speed regulation accuracy of ± 0.5 percent. The BLH brushless DC motor can be operated at precise speeds from 100rpm up to 3000rpm. There are two gearhead types available—the parallel shaft gearhead and the hollow shaft flat gearhead with a variety of gear ratios. The hollow shaft flat gearhead has a higher permissible torque ratio at higher gear ratios. The 30 watt, 50 watt, and 100 watt shaft gearhead motor packages are supplied in a combination motor gearhead package that is also available separately. The 15 watt brushless DC motor is available only with parallel shaft gearhead.

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