Boost DeltaV Simulation Times

The MiMiC DeltaV FHX Utility, v3.4, dramatically improves the speed in generating simulation files for DeltaV systems, says the vendor. Based on Microsoft SQL Server Express, this release has been tested to improve simulation generation by as much as 400 percent. The MiMiC DeltaV FHX Utility uses DeltaV export files (.fhx) and generates a complete MiMiC simulation of the database.

This can save a user engineering hours by not having to enter MiMiC tags and tiebacks manually, resulting in project savings and faster time to market. The larger the Module, the greater the savings. The DeltaV FHX Utility, version 3.4, can now use Microsoft SQL Server Express or Access; however, optimal performance is achieved using Microsoft SQL Server Express.
Mynah Technologies


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