Identify Errors In Process Data

The Material Balance Module (MBM) for the vendor’s Advanced Real-time Performance Modeling (ARPM) suite, is designed as an easy-to-use, flowsheet-based solution that uses advanced mass and volume reconciliation to reveal sources of random error, bias, and gross error that jeopardize the accuracy of real-time plant data.

“Consistent and reliable information from plant data is essential for both operations and maintenance activities. But raw process data as gathered directly from plant devices can be subject to routine error that can go unnoticed. By reconciliating the mass and volume of process streams, our Material Balance Module can easily identify errors or material losses so that these can be eliminated through tuning, maintenance, or other corrective measures,” says Harpreet Gulati, product director at the vendor. The MBM software interfaces directly with a plant's IT infrastructure to automate data reconciliation without additional routine data entry. It combines advanced reconciliation methodologies within a flowsheeting tool to automate creation of daily material balance reports for each major unit, identify bad flow instrumentation, and aid in pinpointing material loss locations.
Invensys Systems Inc./SimSci-Esscor


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