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Industrial Ethernet Security Modules

The Scalance S family of industrial Ethernet security modules is designed to offer the functionality and protection of a firewall and virtual private network (VPN), allowing only real-time, authenticated communication between authorized devices within the automation network.

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Available for new and existing industrial networks, three models of Scalance S security modules offer varying levels of functionality to meet any automation cell security need. Easy to install, the modules isolate the automation network from the rest of the enterprise. The advanced Scalance S613 security module protects up to 64 devices and offers 127 VPN tunnels simultaneously. Designed to survive the harsh environments of the factory floor, this module offers an extended temperature range from -4º to 158º F (-20º to 70º C). The standard Scalance S612 security module protects up to 32 devices in the internal network and offers up to 64 VPN tunnels simultaneously. The basic Scalance S602 security module provides firewall protection that may be used as alternative VPN tunnels with flexible access control.



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