Profinet Bus Coupler

Designated the 750-340 Series, the Profinet bus-coupler is designed to be used as local or distributed I/O on a Profinet industrial Ethernet network.

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The 750-340 Series is designed in accordance with the Profinet RT specification V 2.01 and includes features such as automatic configuration, 10/100 Mbs baud rate, as well as support for many common Ethernet protocols such as HTTP, BootP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, FTP, SNMP, and SMTP for system management and diagnostics. Housed in a modular, compact, 2x2.56x3.94-in. DIN rail mount design, the 750-340 can fit in small spaces, while reducing costs associated with traditional rack based PLC I/O.



Wago Corp.





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