One Tool Designs Automation

April 10, 2007
The Telemecanique Unity£ Application Generator (UAG) software platform provides a single tool to efficiently design a complete automated solution.
The platform creates and manages application and configuration data for a programmable logic controller (PLC)-based process control solution and the associated human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, so there is no need to duplicate entry of the same data. The platform also helps customers increase productivity by providing global resource mapping and communication management through network configuration. UAG generates PLC applications, including configuration, variables, code and communications, as well as HMI applications, including variables, mimics, faceplates, attributes, alarms and more. By using an approach based upon the ISA-88 methodology and user-defined standards, UAG ensures consistency in accordance with planned standards and specifications. This is further enhanced by the use of reusable objects in both the PLC application and the SCADA software package.

Schneider Electric


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