Easy Plug-In Migration

April 10, 2007
A new family of plug-in I/A Series migration cards for Moore APACS systems is designed to enable Moore users to easily upgrade their legacy APACS ACM and ACM+ control systems to the vendor’s technology, including the latest generation of I/A Series distributed control system (DCS) and InFusion enterprise control system (ECS) technologies.
The “plug-in” migration approach enables this DCS upgrade to be accomplished without having to replace existing field wiring, termination assemblies, system enclosures or power supplies. The old APACS input/output (I/O) modules are replaced with new I/A Series I/O modules specially designed to plug right into the existing system racks. Thus, with proper upfront planning, database conversion, and off-line testing, the actual system switchover can be accomplished in hours, with minimal, if any, costly process downtime, says the vendor.

Foxboro Automaton unit, Invensys Process Systems