Connect With OPC Server

April 10, 2007
The vendor’s OPC Server supports a wide variety of hardware including the vendor’s iSeries meters, controllers and signal conditioners.
Because the Server is designed to work directly with these products, set-up is simple, typically taking only a few minutes. The OPC Server also supports the vendor’s EIS family of Serial Servers. With a Serial Server, users can connect virtually any serial device or instrument to a computer through an Ethernet connection. A copy of the OPC Server can be downloaded at the link provided below. An unlimited runtime version of the OPC Server Software requires purchase of a license and entry of a unique License Activation Code. Without this code, the free OPC Server program will time-out after two hours. These two-hour sessions can be repeated as often as necessary to evaluate the software at no charge. The OPC Server price is $295.

Omega Engineering Inc.