PAC Handles Complex Needs

The ADAM-5550KW is a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) designed for control tasks that require the features of both PLCs and Industrial PC’s.

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The ADAM-5550KW uses the AMD Geode GX533 CPU, along with control-specific features such as a watchdog timer, battery back-up RAM, and deterministic I/O. It combines IEC61131-3 programming languages and Windows CE 5.0. I/O capabilities include a local VGA port, two Ethernet ports and two USB. The ADAM-5550KW can serve multiple domains and can handle complex requirements, high speed analog measurement, multiple programs with different cycle times, open communication functions, and enterprise-level network integration. The ADAM-5550KW is also designed to handle distributed motion control functions with PLC open-complaint motion function blocks.

Advantech Corp., eAutomation Group



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