Reduce Open-Circuit Downtime

April 10, 2007
The InVision Downtime Reduction System is a wireless system designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity by more quickly identifying open-circuit events caused by short circuits and overloads. The maintenance staff is automatically notified by phone, e-mail or fax of the open circuit’s exact location, the correct replacement fuse to bring, and the appropriate level of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Battery-powered Intelligent Fuse Monitors (IFMs) and Intelligent Circuit Monitors (ICMs) monitor circuits and transmit any change in status. Wireless Mesh Routers provide self-healing connectivity between the system’s IFMs/ICMs and the Gateway, which encrypts data and sends it to the Command Center servers via the Internet. The Command Center is an Internet-based application that displays the status of monitored circuits, and allows configuration of alert escalation and trending reports. The Command Center initiates the phone, e-mail or fax alert.

Cooper Bussmann