Compact Single-pole Switches

March 13, 2007
PSW27-28-29 series pressure and vacuum switches are compact single-pole switches specially designed for the automation industry. 
They are well-suited for applications requiring moderate accuracy, high reliability and a fixed set-point. No adjustment is needed. The switches can be simply installed into a process with either the 1/8-in. NPT or the spout for 1/8-in. ID tubing. Fixed set-points are available at most common pressure ranges between 1 and 50 psig. For vacuum, fixed ranges from 25 to 100 inches of water column are also available. The Acetal body and the EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer) diaphragm make these switches compatible with air, water, and many other fluids and gases. PSW27 Series is priced at $22  for the basic unit.

Omega Engineering Inc.