Enhanced Wireless Network Programming

March 13, 2007
RAD-Link Software V 3.0 is Windows-based, serial data radio programming software that now includes a network set-up wizard and an advanced network monitoring system.
The set-up wizard makes it easy to set up new or existing networks, says the vendor. The advanced tree structure allows the user to see the name of each radio and review which slaves are communicating with the master and which slaves are communicating through repeaters. Simply point and click to reconfigure any radio in the network. Each network radio can be constantly monitored for RSSI, temperature, voltage and dropped packets. The user can choose to set alarms to appear at the bottom of the screen, make a sound, display a pop-up or send an e-mail/text message, and the software records a history of the alarms. Monitoring time and history are variables that can be set by the operator.

Phoenix Contact Inc.