Motion Software Adds Stepper Motors

March 13, 2007
SoftMotion Development Module 2.0 is the latest version of software for LabView that enables users to create customized motion controllers using software and deploy them for any of the vendor’s hardware platforms
OEMs and machine builders can use pre-built motion functions and control algorithms to quickly create motion controllers based on specific application requirements. SoftMotion Development Module 2.0 expands this environment to stepper motor control, and adds support for the Windows Vista OS and the vendor’s CompactRIO controllers for high-performance motion control. SoftMotion Development Module 2.0 adds support for its spline engine function to generate step data output as well as a new stepper generator function to process step data into step and direction signals for a stepper motor. It also includes two new data types for spline data—fixed point and floating point. These data types give machine builders the flexibility to choose more loop rate combinations when using servo motors. SoftMotion Development Module pricing starts at $2,899.

National Instruments