Piezo Sensors Measure Force

March 13, 2007
The Series M240 ICP Strain Sensors and Model 410A01 ICP signal conditioner use piezoelectric sensing elements to indirectly measure dynamic and quasi-static stress forces on machinery structures.

M240 ICP Strain Sensors are well-suited for applications requiring measurement of repetitive strain curves for monitoring forces experienced during manufacturing, assembly, on-line processes, quality assurance or end-of-line product testing. The Model 410A01 ICP signal conditioner unit synchronizes with machine cycles through a reset feature while analog and peak hold outputs allow for real-time monitoring. It is well-suited for monitoring and other product quality assurance applications requiring the measurement of repetitive force curves, where control limits are set on the peak force or signature to prevent acceptance of non-conforming parts.

PCB Piezotronics Inc.