Ethanol APC Market Heats Up

March 13, 2007
(Sidebar to "Control Efficiencies Boost Ethanol Production" from the March 2007 issue of Automation World)
With the growing national emphasis on alternative fuel production, Pavilion Technologies, Austin, Texas, has tapped into a sizzling market for its advanced process control (APC) technology.“Ethanol is our fastest growing market, with year-over-year growth of about 200 percent over the past two years,” says Matt Tormollen, vice president and chief marketing officer at Pavilion. Currently, according to Tormollen, 22 ethanol plants are leveraging Pavilion solutions, producing nearly 800 million gallons of ethanol annually.Other industries served by the company include cement, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, polymers, pulp and paper, and refining.Pull quotes:Higher corn prices, along with general energy price volatility, are keeping the pressure on ethanol Producers to be certain that their plants are operating as efficiently as possible.The application is saving Mid-Missouri Energy about 2 percent on energy costs, while increasing ethanol production by about 6 percent.To see the main story this sidebar was taken from - "Control Efficiencies Boost Ethanol Production" - please visit