Space-saving Servo Drive

The IndraDrive Mi—which integrates a complete drive, motion control and logic control mounted directly on the motor—features a new design concept, says the vendor.

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The motor casing serves as the heat sink for the servo/control system, which is attached to the long axis of the motor, adding only a small amount to the cross sectional profile. This results in up to 30 percent less area required compared to other integrated systems in which the electronics are fitted behind the motor, and more than 50 percent less total space compared to a traditional servo system with separate motor and drive packages. Overall, this dramatically reduces the required space and air conditioning requirements of the control cabinet, says the vendor. The IP65-rated IndraDrive Mi also significantly reduces wiring costs. A single cable carries both power and SERCOS communications. When several IndraDrive Mi systems are connected in series, the
wiring costs are reduced even further.

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