Multi-axis Controller and Drives

Feb. 14, 2007
The SEC-AC-SMLC Multi-Axis Controller is a fully-integrated control solution for motion control, logic and I/O needs, providing hardware and software building blocks that are engineered to easily plug together and work as a system.
Four models of SEC-SDD drives are offered, with continuous output currents ranging from 2.4A to 14A RMS/phase operating at 115VAC or 230VAC. These digital drives make automatic loop adjustments based on motor and load inertia settings made via the configuration tool—ServoWire Pro, greatly simplifying servo system tuning, says the vendor. SEC-AC-SMLC Multi-Axis Controller features include integrated PLC functionality and OPC server; variants available with integrated Profibus master; Ethernet connectivity; IEC 61131-3 applications programming; PLCopen and enhanced motion function blocks. SEC-SDD ServoWire Digital Drives features include IEEE 1394 ServoWire drive network; simplified servo system tuning; 115VAC single phase and 230VAC single/three phase; support for motors with both resolver and incremental encoder feedback; and position loop update ranges up to 2 kHz.

Festo Corp.