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Fusible, Non-fusible Disconnect Switches

A family of 600VAC/250VDC heavy-duty fusible and non-fusible disconnects from Ferraz Shawmut have been added to the vendor’s line.

Aw 4634 0702np08

Meeting UL98 standards, the Sirco and Fuserbloc series are designed with the latest disconnect technology available, “make and break” power circuits under load, and are UL, CSA, CE and IEC rated, says the vendor. A wide array of handles is available for OSHA padlocking requirements, NEMA configurations, defeater options and NFPA 79 requirements. The Sirco switches and accessories, starting at $57, are available in 30-800 amp ratings. Fuserbloc fusible disconnects and accessories, starting at $85, break up to 200 amps and use double break contacts per pole, isolating the fuse while the switch is in the OFF position.



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