RFID Labels for Harsh Environments

Three standard RFID product constructions­—adhesive labels, hang tags and metal mount labels—are designed for use and re-use in harsh and demanding environments.

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Each product is customizable with variable data printed on the subsurface and RFID inlay programming. The adhesive RFID label construction encapsulates the entire RFID inlay, sealing it from environmental conditions that could have an adverse affect on the performance. The RFID hang tag construction is a double-faced semi-rigid product secured by a fastener zip tie or other non-adhesive methods. The metal mount RFID label construction uses 3/16-in closed-cell foam, low-density polyethylene or an Emerson & Cuming material with an acrylic adhesive to mount to a metal surface. The resulting standoff ensures the RF is successfully transmitted to the reader or interrogator, and the materials resist chemicals, says the vendor.




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