Enclosure Isolates Incoming Power

Jan. 15, 2007
The Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure isolates the fused disconnect switch or circuit breaker from the main control panel while maintaining the door interlocking requirements of NFPA79, IEC60204 and SAE HS1738.
With traditional disconnect enclosures, even when power is turned off, live power is still present on the line side of the switch, requiring anyone accessing the inside of the enclosure to wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate for the amount of incident energy present. Wearing bulky PPE while servicing electrical equipment decreases productivity. By isolating the switch in the Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure, live power is no longer present in the main control enclosure when power is turned off at the switch. This allows technicians to work inside the main enclosure without the need for PPE.