DC Motors Integrate Drive Electronics

DurA-Tek brushless DC motors feature integrated drive electronics, enabling enhanced motor controllability in a smaller, lighter package, says the vendor.

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The 3-inch outside motor diameter and standard 2-wire electrical hookup are designed to allow DurA-Tek brushless DC motors to replace similarly sized brush-commutated DC motors while delivering relatively higher performance and extended service. For use in harsh environments, these motors have been designed to resist hot-water spray, rain, humidity, salt, fog, shock and vibration. “Smart” onboard motor controls and advanced electronic design deliver features including multi-speed operation; over-current control; locked-rotor protection; reverse polarity protection; transient over-voltage protection; and over-temperature shutoff.
These 12V/24V brushless DC motors can achieve continuous torque from 19.7 oz.-in. to 55 oz.-in. and speed from 2927 rpm to 4400 rpm, depending on model.


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