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Handheld Vibration Analysis

The VSA-1214 and VSA-1215 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers are PDA-based vibration data collectors and analyzers designed to allow vibration analysis in machine-condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and routine troubleshooting.

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The pocket-sized system includes the new VSA-1214 or VSA-1215 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer module attached to a Palm T/X handheld computer with Spectrum version 1.6 software. This software collects vibration measurements and displays and stores them as time waveforms and FFT spectra. The system also includes the new version 1.6 of Reporting System for VSA, which imports the data from the handheld into a Microsoft Excel-based application on a PC. The entry level VSA-1214 is priced at less than $4,000. The VSA-1215 provides more advanced capabilities.


Datastick Systems Inc.


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