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Analog Touchscreen Machine Management

The HMi is a family of analog touchscreen operator interfaces with programmable function buttons designed to provide efficient and easy-to-use machine management.

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Bridging the gap between the vendor’s ePro PanelMate operator interfaces for high-end applications and its ELC Graphics Panels for basic at-machine monitoring, the HMi is well suited for mid-range control and automation applications such as packaging, HVAC, wastewater management, pumping, compressors and material handling. A user-friendly, flexible software package features easy-to-use macro ability, and gives users the ability to store application recipes, images, historical trends and alarm data. HMi operator interfaces provide communication with more than 20 brands of PLCs on virtually any network. The HMi is available in four, six, eight and 10-inch models.


Eaton Electrical Inc.


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