GigE Vision for Linux

Dec. 19, 2006
The Linux GigE Vision software development kit (SDK) provides programmers the means to control and capture images from the vendor’s gigabit Ethernet cameras.
These GigE Vision gigabit Ethernet cameras, which have been used in a wide range of
Windows-based computer vision applications, can thus now also be easily used on Linux
computers. The SDK  includes sample code to help programmers more easily use the cameras in their Linux-based applications. “Since our Linux SDK runs on both Intel x86 and PowerPC platforms, customers now have greater ability to run our gigabit Ethernet cameras on low-cost, very small, SBC computers for embedded and OEM applications,” says Marty Furse, CEO at the vendor. A wide range of GigE Vision-compliant gigabit Ethernet cameras are available, from VGA at 200 frames per second up to 4-megapixel resolution running 15 frames per second.

Prosilica Inc.