Long-range Metal Sensors

Q12 Uprox+ sensors are able to achieve a full 5mm sensing range when flush mounted, the farthest among similar miniature sensors on the market, says the vendor.

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The Q12 augments the existing line of Uprox+ sensors that detect all metals at the same rated sensing distance. Q12 sensors measure 12x40x26mm, and feature an integrated 45 degree connector to facilitate use in space-restrictive places. The Q12 is available with the M8 picofast, M12 eurofast or direct PUR cable connection, and uses a two-color LED that displays both operating voltage and dampened state. Uprox+ sensors incorporate coils on a PCB with staggered oscillator frequencies to avoid mutual interference. This allows Q12 sensors to be mounted directly next to each other, fully flush and embedded in metal.

Turck Inc.



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