Compact Analog Panel Meters

Dec. 19, 2006
Cub5 Series Analog Panel Meters are designed to increase user versatility in a footprint that is 30% smaller than 1/8 DIN meters and nearly half the cost.
Multiple models are available to meet a variety of industrial applications, such as measuring DC current and voltage, processing signals from flow meters, pressure sensors and positioning sensors, and accepting inputs from RTD and Thermocouple sensors. Cub5 Analog models include the Cub5ID DC Current Meter that offers 4 current ranges and a maximum input of 199.99mA and the Cub5VD DC Volt Meter that offers 4 volt ranges and a maximum input of 199.99VDC. The Cub5P Process Meter accepts processing signals and displays them in the desired display readout. The Cub5RT and Cub5TC accept inputs from RTD sensors and Thermocouple sensors, respectively. All Cub5 models offer 0.46 inch digits and user-selectable bright red or green LED backlighting, and can be programmed to display color change at preset.

Red Lion Controls Inc.