575V Motors and Drives

Dec. 19, 2006
Latest additions to the vendor’s drive and motor line are 575V models. Marathon Blue Chip XRI motors—available in 15-100hp sizes—meet NEMA Premium efficiency levels and are well-suited for use with compressors, blowers, conveyors and pumps.
Pricing starts at $765. The Black Max motor’s low-inertia design is well-suited for high-performance applications such as machine tools, crane and hoist systems, extruders, conveyors, accumulators, palletizers, packaging and converting equipment. The 575V Black Max models range from ½-30hp, with prices starting at $185. 575V GS2 variable frequency AC drives offer dynamic braking, PID and a removable keypad. These 1-10hp drives can be configured using either the built-in digital keypad or the standard RS485 serial communications port. GS2 drives are equipped with 1 programmable analog input, 6 programmable digital inputs, 1 programmable analog output and 2 programmable relay outputs. Pricing starts at $262.AutomationDirect